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Saturday, September 21, 2013

SAMA | Soup Curry | Sapporo

SAMA is one of the popular soup curry restaurants in Sapporo, and we went to its Oyachi branch (大谷地店) for lunch today↓

There is a long line especially during the lunch hours, and we waited for about 30 minutes today....

We were so thirsty that we first ordered black currant lassi (カシスラッシー), their monthly lassi on September.

Mix x 2!!

Lassi really goes well with soup curry, doesn't it?

We can choose the amount of spice and a kind of soup first.
This is Hamburger and Vegetable Curry (ハンバーグ野菜カリー) with tomato soup
(Personally I love coconut milk soup the best, but today was a tomato day for me..............)

We can enjoy big hamburger steak and a lot of vegetables all together! Yummy x 2!!

BTW, we've found the most attractive curry↓
Mega SAMA Deluxe Curry (メガSAMAデラックスカリー) has everything!!! We should order it!!!

It has a whole chicken leg, some tender cubed pork (豚の角煮), and hamburger steak with all kinds of vegetables!!!

Look at the big portion of rice!!!
(Just for reference, we put a normal portion of rice next to the mega version! Hahaha!)

As we wanted to enjoy different soup, we ordered shrimp broth!
The mega set comes with soft drink, too!!

We had a very wonderful lunch time!

■Where is SAMA Oyachi branch (SAMA大谷地店)?

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■Tour guide information■
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