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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumnal Thanks Festival (秋の感謝祭)| Former Machimura Farm (旧町村農場)| Ebetsu

We are now in Former Machimura Farm in Ebetsu, 20 minutes away from Sapporo.

Machimura Farm is one of the oldest dairy farms in Hokkaido, in which we can enjoy cow barns influenced by Professor F. H. King of the University of Wisconsin. As I've been Madison, WI, I really love this atmosphere!!

We just relaxed in the compound for a while..........

Look at the objects! How cute they are!!

The purpose to come here is to enjoy Autumnal Thanks Festival.

Let's enter the barn!

Wow! Wow! Wow!
There are several unique vegetables produced in this city, such as Chinese lantern plants (ほおずき)!!!

 How about this?

I loved this colorful radish (紅くるり大根), and made pickles at home.

Except fresh vegetables, some dried vegetables were sold in this barn.

This carrot pound cakes (にんじん朝ご飯) sounds very healthy.... It has a half of carrot!!!! Of course I bought it!

Smells very wonderful.........

I love roasted corn with soy source! Yummy x 2 in my tummy!!!

We really enjoyed the local harvest festival!

Just for reference, the compound has a dairy museum, where we can learn the history of Machimura farm and Hirotaka Machimura (町村 敬貴), a pioneer of dairy farming in Hokkaido. If you want to enjoy the current Machimura farm, it takes 10 minutes from here, which has a cafe serving delicious milk desserts such as ice cream, donutses, cheese, pudding and so on. Sounds perfect! If you are interested in the cafe, please visit my other post→.

■Where is "Former Machimura Farm (旧町村農場)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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