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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nanpo Tometaro Shoten/ Kunseiya (南保留太郎商店 燻製屋)| Smoked Food Shop | Yoichi (余市)

There is a unique shop in Yoichi (余市).
Look at "Nanpo Tometaro Shoten/ Kunseiya (南保留太郎商店 燻製屋)", a very popular smoked food shop in this area.

One of my favorite ones is smoked deep-water shrimps (甘えび燻製)↓ Yummy x 2!!!

How about smoked coffee beans?
Actually we went to their cafe next to this shop after this, and enjoyed iced smoked coffee there!

Don't forget smoked Ovalipes punctatus (平蟹の燻製). This is super-super delicious!!! Usually they are sold out before noon! Be careful!!

They have smoked vegetables and tofu, too. Amazing, isn't it?

I really recommend this smoked food shop! After that, we went to a restaurant using these smoked products. Are you interested in the restaurant? Please refer to my other post→.

■Where is "Nanpo Tometaro Shoten/ Kunseiya (南保留太郎商店 燻製屋)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Oyome-san1 said...

THANKYOU! Students told me about this shop, but couldn't tell me exactly where - so now I know!!! GReat!!!

K.K. said...

Please visit their cafe, too! I really recommend their smoked shrimps and crabs especially!!

Travel Insurance Bali said...

Traveling to Japan is best done with family and friends. :)

K.K. said...

>Travel Insurance Bali
I really recommend Hokkaido as a tourist spot!

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