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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Harukayama Art Fort 2013 (ハルカヤマ藝術要塞2013)|Outdoor Art Museum | Sapporo/ Otaru

We came to Harukayama Art Fort 2013 (ハルカヤマ藝術要塞2013), an outdoor art museum, located at the foot of Mt. Haruka (春香山) with a former art studio of Shin Hongo (本郷 新), a famous artist in Japan.

Totally 12 permanent exhibits and 65 special exhibits are scattered in the compound, and it takes two or three hours to enjoy all of them.

First, I appreciated the permanent exhibits.

1. Index of clouds 2010 by Ito Takahiro

2. A post with a not-woven pattern by Watnbe Yukio

3. Spirits of The WooDs by Matsui Shigeki

4. The domain which does not become useful VI (the Ladder constructed in Heaven) by Achi Nobumichi

5. Hermitage of wind by Watnbe Yukio

6. sign by Hata Satoshi

7. 希望の種 by Nirasawa Junichi

8. A stone fence of flowing memories by Watnbe Yukio

9. Hermitage of Mind by Watnbe Yukio

10. hold in the stone by Watnbe Yukio

11. The woven portable shrine by Watnbe Yukio

12. be with-in by Nakahashi Osamu

Next, I enjoyed special exhibits.
1. 茫々 by Aono Amanatsu

2. プールサイドの更衣室/遣り方 by Akasaka Shinichiro

3. spiral by Asai Kenichi

4. 立ち枯れを秘匿する白い基地 by Achi Nobumichi

5. ネエ ダンナサン あるいは山に上がった日 by Abe Ten-ei

6. Soft landing to Field in HARUKAYAMA by Arai Yoshinori

7. アリス・再生 by Ikeda Midori

8. すきまに、 by Ishikawa Toshinobu

9. Lookup in the Forest by Izumi Shuji

Actually this is my favorite! When you look skyward from the art work,

How amazing it is!!!

10. Yard of Sense 2013 by Itoh Akihiko

11. Children of trees by Itoh Sachiko

12. Battle & Harmony by Ito Tkakahiro/ Ito Michiyo

13. 宙へ by Ueshima Hidetoshi

14. Living in the forest by Ueno Daisuke

15. みのむしさん by Umeda Masanori

16. 地がほころんでゆく by Oishi Toshihisa

17. ハルカちゃんハウス by Kai Akemi

18. Pregnant Forest by Kakizaki Hiroshi

Actually when I was looking at the art work, one of the staff came to me, saying "it is 5 PM, the end of the opening hours......."
Oh! Oh! Oh!
I should have come here a little bit earlier!!!! I'm sure I'll be back!!!

When I came back to a parking lot, I found this art work..........
64. ワーム・ホール by Watanabe Ikuo

A lot of art works are scattered in the compound, and I felt as if I experienced treasure hunting! I really recommend you to spend half a day enjoying all of the art works here.
If you are lucky, you may encounter some of the artists, and learn about their art works in details directly! No admission fee is required here.

■Where is "Harukayama Art Fort 2013 (ハルカヤマ藝術要塞2013)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Henry Linn said...

Oops!! Nice analysis dear!! I like your picture of the Pregnant Forest by Kakizaki Hiroshi

Trip advisor

K.K. said...

>Trip advisor
I'll be back there next weekend, and enjoy the rest of the special exhibits! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art works!!

Oyome-san1 said...

Where is the car access to this place? Near where????

K.K. said...

This is near ONZE Ski Resort! Go straight on the Route 5, and find the sign!

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