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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sounkaku Grand Hotel (層雲閣グランドホテル)③|Optional Tour

One of my purposes to come to Sounkyo Gorge (層雲峡) is to see a sea of clouds (雲海) early in the morning, and I've joined an optional tour organized by Sounkaku Grand Hotel (層雲閣グランドホテル)↓

As the tour starts at 04:30 am, I used an alarm clock to get up at 03:30 am!!!

Let's go!

It takes around 40 minutes from the hotel to Ginsendai (銀泉台), which is ..........

1,490 m high
Actually my friend from Taiwan wrote the numbers on the ground↓

When we arrived here, the sun just started to rise from the clouds!! Perfect timing, isn't it?

All of the participants were so impressed with the beauty of the nature!!!

Look at Mt. Meakan (雌阿寒岳)(1,488m) behind the sea of clouds!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

It's worth coming here even though you have to get up very early!!

Before arriving here, some professional photographers had already come here, and prepared for the best shot!
Ginsendai is one of the famous spots to see the sea of clouds around here!

Actually the real one is much much more beautiful than my pics, of course!!

One of the wonderful points of this tour is that we can stay here for 40 minutes!!

We can feel the flow of the clouds as time goes by..........

The sun is rising gradually!!

I just enjoyed the cloud without thinking anything, or

was excited to take some pics like this↓

Please feel the dynamism of the clouds............

I really recommend this optional tour organized by Sounkaku Grand Hotel (層雲閣グランドホテル).

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Oyome-san1 said...

This is a different place from the Tomamu Field of Clouds, yes?

K.K. said...

Ginsendai is far away from Tomamu. I love both of them♪

Shu Hui Neo said...

Hello, are there other tours to bring us visit Ginsendai sea of clouds?
we are staying at asahikawa city.

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