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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcow Ice from Nakashibetsu (Welcow アイス from なかしべつ)| Ice Cream & Parfait Shop | Kitahiroshima

There are a lot of recommendable ice cream shops in and around Sapporo and "Welcow Ice from Nakashibetsu" - located in Kitahiroshima, 15 mins away from Sapporo -  is one of them.

They use milk produced in Nakashibetsu, which is very famous milk production site located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. You can also buy Nakashibetsu milk here.

This is the facade↓ Cute, isn't it? It is packed with a lot of ice cream lovers all the time!
Let's enter it!

I love this atmosphere!!!

The items on the table are also lovely!!

They serve monthly soft ice cream, and the ones in August are milk and Mocha coffee flavor.

I ordered both of them!!!→→→Mocha(above)&Milk(below)
Well, well, well................... The Mocha is I guess the BEST among all Mocha ice cream in Sapporo area!  This is a monthly special in August and you should be in a hurry to try it!!!

As for parfait, the most popular one here is berry parfait↓ and I recommend to put cream cheese on the top.

Like soft ice cream, they serve monthly parfait such as Mocha parfait (Mocha ice cream with coffee jelly, orange and chocolate sauce), Yogurt kiwi fruit parfait, and Cherry parfait.

I ordered a cherry one↓ They use cherries produced in Jyozankei, which is the southern part of Sapporo and famous for hot spring.

Yummy x 2!!! It's a perfect combination of sweet cherries and milky ice cream. Really delicious!! Do you want to try it, too? Please!! Hahaha!!!

How about kiwi sorbet and pear sorbet with milk ice cream? Yummy x 2?

This is my favorite ice cream shop and whenever I come to the Mitsui Outlet Park, I drop by this shop! It takes only a few mins from the shopping mall.

■Where is "Welcow Ice from Nakashibetsu"?

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■Tour guide information■
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