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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Le Calme (ル カルム)| Chiffon Cake Shop | Ebetsu

When I want to eat chiffon cakes, I often go to "Le Calme (ル カルム)", located in Ebetsu, 20 minutes away from Sapporo↓

They serve a lot of kinds of shiffons, tarts, and cakes.......

Almost all of a piece is only 250 yen! How reasonable it is!!!
Among regular cakes, I often order cheese tart↓

pudding cake and

chocolate chiffon

I regularly come here, partly because they make special shiffons and tarts in each season, such as sweet potato tart in the spring↓ Yummy x 2!!

How about cherry blossom chiffon? Tastes very flower fragrant!!!

Only this weekend, they serve basil chiffon↓ It looks so delicious that I bought six pieces of this special chiffon♪

When I opened the bag, it strongly smells very basil!!! I love it! 

And from tomorrow, cherry tarts will be on sale! As I'm a regular customer,  I luckily can buy the new tart before usual customers will get it!!

If you are interested in a unique cheese cake, how about this?

Amazake Cheese cake (甘酒チーズケーキ) contains sake cake, and has sake flavor a lot...... Yummy x 2!!!

I'm really looking forward to other seasonable cakes in the next seasons!!!

■Where is "Le Calme (ル カルム)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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