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Monday, June 17, 2013

CAFE if (イフ)| Niseko/ Kucchan

Hirahu (ヒラフ) in Niseko has a lot of attractive cafes. How about "CAFE if (イフ)"?

Located in Jyujigai (十字街), the center of Hurahu, this cafe is very soothing, and you may feel as if you were in the forest!

Let's enter it!

The most popular cake here is apple cake with fresh mascarpone cheese (スペイン風りんごのフレッシュチーズケーキ).
I really wanted to order it, but unfortunately home-made apple compote in this season was gone the other day.......(I was so shocked!!) Well, well, well, I have to wait until September!!!
Instead of my favorite cake, I ordered .................

"Fresh cheese cake with blueberries and raspberries (ブルーベリーとラズベリーのフレッシュチーズケーキ)"↓ As  mascarpone cheese is whipped after being ordered, this is very very creamy!!! I love it!

The whipped cheese is not too sweet, and we can enjoy the high-quality of ingredients from the bottom of our heart! This is one of the best cheese cakes in Hokkaido!

I love Niseko not only in winter, but also in summer!!!

■Where is "CAFE if (イフ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

I visited Niseko last winter and had wanted to visit this cafe as it looked pretty quaint and inviting. However, when we stepped in the lady told us she is closing the shop and reopening in an hours time as she had something to attend to. We couldnt wait and had a as we have to move on to our next schedule. What a pity!

K.K. said...

I really recommend this cafe!

Liew Choi Lung said...

Highly recommended.

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