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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kemukarou (燻製茶房 燻香廊)| Smoked Food Cafe/ Restaurant | Yoichi

After enjoying "Nanpo Tometaro Shoten/ Kunseiya (南保留太郎商店 燻製屋)"(click here→), a very popular smoked food shop in Yoichi (余市), we visited "Kemukarou (燻製茶房 燻香廊)" next to the shop↓

Yes! We can enjoy various kinds of dishes and desserts, cooked with smoked food sold in "Nanpo Tometaro Shoten/ Kunseiya (南保留太郎商店 燻製屋)"(click here→).

Actually we were the last ones who could eat lunch in the restaurant that day! Lucky us!!
Which should we order????

I love old folk house restaurants!!

We felt very comfortable and relaxed......

Here comes salad and bread↓

Look at the salad↓ including smoked salmon and smoked tofu!! Wow! Wow! Wow! The tofu tastes like cheese!!

This is my main↓ "Smoked chicken and bacon with orange sauce (スモークチキンとベーコンのオレンジソース煮)" is wonderful! Don't you think smoked food goes well with sour orange sauce??

The bacon tastes very rich. Yummy x 2!!

I'm crazy about chicken recently......  It's so tender that I didn't have to use a knife........ Hahaha!!!

This is my dessert↓ It looks like normal cheese cake, but actually it is smoked pumpkin cheese cake (かぼちゃ燻製のチーズケーキ)!!! We can enjoy smoke flavor and sweet pumpkin at the same time!

Don't forget the smoked coffee (アイススモークコーヒー)↓
First drink the bubbles directly, and then drink the rest with a straw! I really recommend this iced coffee!!

We had a wonderful lunch time here!

■Where is "Kemukarou (燻製茶房 燻香廊)" ?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
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