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Monday, December 23, 2013

NORTH FARM STOCK|Iwamizawa (岩見沢)

We visited "NORTH FARM STOCK", which uses Hokkaido vegetables & fruits, making juice, dips, jams and so on.

Look at the shop↓ It is very fashionable!

We went to the cafe on the second floor, and ordered all we wanted to eat here. Hahaha!!

This is a newly-built shop and cafe, and I have to check all kinds!!

This is "Dip Box (ディップボックス)"↓

It has pickles, a few dips, tomatoes, bread, and sausage.

All of the ingredients are from Hokkaido.

This is "NFS Pancake Box (NFSパンケーキボックス)". Although I ordered a mix berry (ミックスベリー) pancakes, but I should have ordered a maple syrup version.......

This is ginger drink, which tastes like ginger ale without soda.......

This is soft ice cream↓
As it looks cute, I ordered it without thinking too much! Hahaha! It is a little bit sweet maple-syrup flavored ice cream.

This cafe is located in Iwamizawa, 30 minutes away from Sapporo.


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