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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Komoro Soba Stand (立喰小もろそば店)|Iwamizawa (岩見沢)

As "Ekimae Building (駅前ビル)" located in front of JR iwamizawa Station will be rebuilt,

the history of "Komoro Soba Stand (立喰小もろそば店)"on the first floor of this building will be over................. I'm so shocked!!!!!

This soba stand is loved by a lot of local people and packed with a lot of its fans today, too!!!

Look at this↓
All main soba and udon are 350 yen only!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Any dish is served 10 seconds after you order!! This is the king of Japanese-style fast food!!

I ordered "Curry Soba (カレーそば)" and "Squid Tentacle Bowl (げそ丼)".

This is very reasonable (350 yen), but the broth is so delicious that other restaurants cannot copy it.

This is the most popular dish in this stand↓ The sauce is a little bit sweet and really goes well with this squid tentacle tempra!!!

This is "Soba with Meat (肉そば)"↓
Yummy yummy!!

This stand will be closed at the end of this month (31st of Dec.).
If you want to try it, please be in a hurry!!!!

■Where is "Komoro Soba Stand (立喰小もろそば店)"?

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