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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Huge Christmas Tree | Sapporo Factory (サッポロファクトリー) | Sapporo

When you come to Sapporo during the Christmas season, I recommend you to go to the Sapporo Factory (サッポロファクトリー), a shopping mall located in downtown Sapporo↓

Look at the Santa Claus on the chimney!!! The building used to be a beer factory. That's why this mall was named the Sapporo Factory.

At night it is lighted up like this!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!

When you come to the Atrium (アトリウム), a facility in the mall, during the day time, the Christmas tree is like this, but when you come here at night.................................

My guests from Singapore and I were so excited to take pics and pics!!! Hahaha!

Personally, I recommend to take pics from some different angles.

The color is changed regularly! How wonderful it is!!

 We spend here for a while..................... Very romantic, isn't it???

I love the Sapporo Factory during the Christmas season very much!!!

I also enjoyed ice cream beside the tree as usual! Hahaha!

■Where is the "Sapporo Factory (サッポロファクトリー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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