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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Graubünden (グラウビュンデン)| Sandwich and Cake Shop | Niseko

Niseko (ニセコ) has a lot of recommendable restaurants and cafes. Today I'll show you "Graubünden (グラウビュンデン)", one of my favorite cafes in this area.

I love this atmosphere!! Cute and comfortable, isn't it?

This cafe is famous for its huge and delicious cakes. They use local ingredients for their yummy x 2 cakes, which are not so sweet that we can easily eat them up! Hahaha!
Which cake do you like the best? (I think it is very difficult to choose only one among a lot of kinds!!!)

The cakes can be taken out, but I love to eat them at this cozy cafe. Actually it is customary for me to come here and relax after skiing or snowboarding in the winter time!

They also serve huge and delicious sandwiches.

Surprisingly (or naturally), I usually order their cake and a sandwich at the same time even though both of them are very big........... We can choice the kind of bread for the sandwich!

How about ALT, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles sandwich???

We have to open our mouth as wide as we can. Hahaha!

Well, well, well.............. They serve some seasonable sweets, too! How do you like this Halloween cookie? How cute it is!

As this restaurant is near the Nikeko Ski area, I also sometimes take out some cakes and sandwiches. 

Today I took out the Original sandwich (オリジナルサンドイッチ), which has scrambled egg, tomato, cheese and bacon! Yummy x 2!!!

I also enjoyed the fish and chips!!

Don't forget their cakes!! This time I ordered the Fruit Custard Pie! Love it!!!

■Where is "Graubünden (グラウビュンデン)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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