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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Takezushi (竹寿司)| Sushi Bar | Kushiro

Takezushi (竹寿司) is a sushi bar in the Washo Fish Market (和商市場) in front of JR Kushiro station.

This fish market is famous for....................

"Kattedon (勝手丼)", a bowl of rice topped with your favorite fresh seafood like this↓ Yes! You can select your favorite sashimi on rice!! Cool!!
(If you're interested in this seafood bowl, please refer to my other post→)

This time we dropped by "Takezushi (竹寿司)", a sushi bar in this fish market.

We chose this sushi bar, because we wanted to eat something local which it is difficult to find in other places except eastern part of Hokkaido.

The menu is like this, and we ordered

"Tokusen Nigiridon Set (特選握り丼セット)"↓ Tokusen means special selection. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Voila! This is the sushi and seafood set!

How do you like the mini seafood bowl? All of the sashimi is very fresh!

Look at the botanebi prawn! It is very big and plump!!

How about sushi? Salmon, sea urchin, Sakhalin surf clam, and..................

octopus roe!!! How rare it is! Have you ever eaten it? We really enjoyed the texture!!

The set comes with shrimp soup

■Where is "Takezushi (竹寿司)" in "Washo Fish Market (和商市場)"?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lupin III Wrapping Train (ルパン三世ラッピングトレイン)| Hanasaki Line (花咲線)

Since the 1st of April, 2012, a special train has run in the Hanasaki Line (花咲線) located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Are you a train fan, or anime fan? Actually I'm not either of them, but very excited to take the train the other day from Akkeshi (厚岸) to Kushiro (釧路).

Here comes the train!!!

Yes! This is the Lupin III Wrapping Train (ルパン三世ラッピングトレイン)!!!

Main characters are painted on the train!
How cool Lupin Ⅲ is!!

How about Mr. Zenigata (銭形警部)? We were so excited!!!

Don't forget Fujiko!!! How sexy she is!!

Why has the special train run in the Hanasaki Line?
Mr. Monkey Punch (Kazuhiko Kato) is from Hamanaka Town in the line. I don't have to explain about it, but Lupin Ⅲ (ルパン三世) is his masterpiece animation!

Look at the inside! Local people use it as a normal train!!! I really envy them!!!

It takes about 50 minutes from Akkeshi to Kushiro.

If you want to take this train,

the Hanasaki Line is between Kushiro and Nemuro (根室).

After arriving at Kushiro, I happened to find this poster, saying the Kushiro City Art Museum (釧路市立美術館) has held the Luin Ⅲ exhibition!
The animation celebrates the 40th anniversary this year!! Congratulations!!

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Akkeshi One Day Tour (厚岸1日ツアー)

This is a one day tour of Akkeshi, through which I believe you can fully enjoy the town. How do you like it? Please leave your comment!

①Akkeshi Station
When you arrive at JR Akkeshi Station,

please take a picture with this panel! Yes! Akkeshi is an oyster town!!

②Yabu Soba (藪蕎麦)
Then you should drop by this soba shop in front of the station, and

enjoy oyster soba↓, or an oyster bowl! Yummy x 2!! See the details→

③Cape Aikappu (愛冠岬
Then let's get started with Cape Aikappu!

If you ring the bells with your boyfriend or girl friend, you will be happy forever!

On the way to the cape, you may encounter wildlife such as shika deer

④Benten Shrine (弁天神社)
On the way back to the station area, we can see Benten Shrine from Akkeshi Ohashi Bridge (厚岸大橋). Looks like it is floated on the ocean, but actually it is on Kakijima Island (牡蠣島), and enshrined with Benzaitenza statue (弁財天座像), an important cultural asset of Japan.

⑤Fish Market (漁業組合市場)
Well, well, well, let's enjoy seafood at the fish market, located near the station, too!

Akkeshi is a paradise of seafood such as oysters, scallop, prawns, and so on!

⑥Marine Museum (海事記念館)
Within a walking distance from the fish market, there is Marine Museum.

We can learn the history of Akkeshi and its fisheries.

⑦Conchiglie (コンキリエ)
This roadside station is on the hill, and 

we can enjoy the ocean and the townscape!

Let's enter the building. On the first floor, there is a souvenir corner with a wide variety of oyster items.

Personally, I recommend delicious ice cream there↓ See the details→

 On the second floor, we can enjoy seafood BBQ

Scallops, oysters, abalone, sea urchin, Pacific saury, and you name it! See the details→

⑧Ujiie Machiaijyo (氏家待合所)
Last but not least, please get an oyster rice box lunch at the dining.

They make this box lunch depending on your train time! I recommend you to make a reservation in advance! See the details→

How do you like the tour?
Please fully enjoy the town if you have chance to visit there!!

■Where is Akkeshi (厚岸)?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

PEOPLE PEAPE (ピープルピープ) | Cake & Parfait Cafe | Sapporo

"PEOPLE PEAPE (ピープルピープ)" is a very unique cafe, serving very delicious parfait.

The cafe is open from "around" 19:00 to 23:00, depending on the time the chef finishes making ice cream. He sometimes closes the cafe, mainly when he collects ingredients for cakes and ice cream in farm. See? It is not a typical cafe, isn't it?
Well, well, well, let's enter it!

It is always packed with customers. By any standard, it is not a neat cafe, but his parfait is very tasty. After he gets orders from all the guests, he starts to make all the parfait from scratch. For example, cutting fruits, whipping cream by hand............. It usually takes more than one hour until parfait is served on the table!

If you are impatient, I don't recommend this cafe. But if you have a lot of free time, it's worth waiting for more than one hour to eat very yummy parfait!

We ordered two kinds of parfait.
This is sesame parfait. It looks bad (sorry the chef!), but tastes great!! He blends several kinds of fragrant sesame for the dessert. The fresh cream is not too sweet, and very milky! He uses carefully-selected ingredients only! 

This is custard pudding parfait with rum.
Actually as I don't like sweet desserts, this is my perfect parfait! The pudding is not too sweet, and tastes very dense. His ice cream is very soft and smooth. As he doesn't use a lot of sugar so that we can enjoy the high-quality of each ingredient from the heart. It takes more than five hours to make this ice cream!! Wow!! That's why his home-made ice cream is wonderful!

As I said when he goes to farm to pick fruits for the desserts, he closes the cafe. If he needs more time to finish making ice cream, the cafe may be open from 19:30 or 20:00............

But I really recommend his parfait very much!!

■Where is "PEOPLE PEAPE (ピープルピープ)"?

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