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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Goryokaku Fort (五稜郭)| Fortress Park with 1,600 Cherry Trees | Hakodate

Goryokaku Fort (五稜郭) was the last battle field of a large-scale civil war between the Tokugawa shogunate and the new government forces, and worked as a cornerstone of the end of feudal era of Japan in the 19th century. Now it is opened to the public as a park, where about 1,600 cherry trees are planted!

Let't go to the Goryokaku Tower (五稜郭タワ) to see the whole picture of the fortress park!

From the 107m-high double-decked observatory, we can enjoy the panoramic views of Hakodate from every angle!!

This is Goryokaku Fort (五稜郭), which is a star-shaped fort!

When you come here in the spring time, the star is filled with pink cherry blossoms like this↓

Let's walk in the park↓

How beautiful the blossoms are! There are 1,600 cherry blossoms planted in the park.

Anyway, do you know how many countries have such a star-shaped fortress? We can learn the history of the fortress as well as the history of Japan in the 19th century at this observatory.

When you come here, please visit this cafe stand on the first floor of the observatory!

Have you ever eaten cherry blossom ice cream?

This is a seasonal specialty during the spring time only! Yummy x 2!!!

Let's go down to the first floor, which has one of the largest souvenir corners in the city, with a huge lineup of local products as well as the original goods that cannot purchased anywhere else.

■Where is "Goryokaku Fort (五稜郭)"?

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Kitakarou Otaru Main Shop (北菓楼 小樽本館)| Otaru

There are a lot of recommendable sweets shops in Otaru along the Sakaimachi Main Street (堺町本通り), downtown street in Otaru.
Today I'll show you "Kitakarou Otaru Main Shop (北菓楼 小樽本館)", one of my favorites!
(* If you need general information on the street, please refer to my other post→click here!

Let's enter it!
One of the characteristics of this confectionery shop is large amount of samples!! Hahaha!

"Youseinomori (妖精の森)", baumkuchen (バームクーヘン), is so delicious that it is often featured by TV programs. Of course, it has samples!

Look at Hamanasunokoi (はまなすの恋)↓ This is yummy x 2 white chocolate biscuit, and of course it has samples!

Kaitakuokaki (開拓おかき) is one of my favorite rice crackers, which has several flavors; kelp flavor(えりも昆布味), salmon flavor(秋鮭味), scallop flavor(帆立味), sweet shrimp flavor(甘エビ味), and squid flavor(松前いか味). Of course each of the flavor has samples!!!

How about apple pies??? These are baked just from the oven!! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Don't forget their cream puff!!!

Yumefusigi (夢不思議) has W cream; custard and fresh cream, and the balance is perfect!!

Look at these! 1/4 size of the products are samples!!! Here is a wonderful sample paradise!!

Personally I love Biscotte (ビスコット) very much!!

The puff is so soft that it can be torn easily with fingers.

The custard is supper supper mild and creamy!!

Last but not least, I'll introduce a seasonal limited ice cream to you. The vanilla soft ice cream is very recommendable, but when you come here in the spring, why don't you try cherry blossom and white chocolate flavor (桜のホワイトチョコソフト)?

We enjoyed their sweets from the bottom of our heart today!

The main shop of this confectionery company is in Sunagawa (砂川). If you are interested in their main shop, please refer to my other post→click here!

■Where is "Kitakarou Otaru Main Shop (北菓楼 小樽本館)"?

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Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?I'll guide you! Plz click here!