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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jiyouken (ラーメン滋養軒)| Ramen Restaurant | Hakodate (函館)

I'm now in Hakodate↓

Hakodate (函館) reminds me of shio ramen!!!
"Jiyouken (滋養軒)" is one of the oldest ramen restaurants in Hakodate.......

Let's enjoy!!

This is "Hakodate sio ramen (函館塩ラーメン)"↓

The homemade noodles are very elastic, and yummy x 2!!!

Look at the soup!
I love this transparent broth! That's Hakodate sio ramen!!!

I also ordered boiled gyoza (水餃子), which are chewy and bouncy!!
I love the gyoza with a lot of minced leek!!!

Where is "Jiyouken (ラーメン滋養軒)"?

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