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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hoheikyo Onsen --Hot Spring-- (豊平峡温泉)| Sapporo

Close to a downtown area of Sapporo and boasting 100% real onsen (hot spring) water, this restaurant/onsen establishment features dark brown water, several inner onsen, and large open-air onsen with views of the surrounding hills.

I'm sure you want to go there!
If so, take a free shuttle bus at several bus stops such as one in front of Mitsukoshi Department Store at 9:25AM. You don't have to make a reservation to take it, but usually it is crowded with local hot spring lovers :)

The problem is the free bus to the Hoheikyo Hot Spring (豊平峡温泉) runs only once a day. If you miss it, plz take a public bus from the Sapporo bus terminal in front of JR Sapporo Station, usually running twice an hour.

It takes about 80 minutes from the downtown to this wonderful onsen in Jyozankei onsen (定山渓温泉) area!

Go upstairs and enjoy onsen first!

There are two kinds of onsen areas which, depending on the day, are switched for men and women so that everybody can enjoy both of the baths!

Indoor onsen is hotter than outdoor onsen. Plz keep your body warm before going to outdoor onsen especially in the winter time! Why????

Look at the open-air onsen in winter!! It is surrounded by the snow world! How romantic it is! The comfortable temperature of onsen and cool temperature of the air enable us to enjoy onsen for 30 mins or so. The minerals in the onsen keep your skin more smooth and your body warm even 6 hours after taking onsen.

Usually you are not allowed to drink in typical onsen areas, but this is not the case in Hokeikyo Onsen! You can take your favorite drinks (or sometimes books??) into this area.

This onsen has a great dinning hall called Onsen Shokudo (dinning).

Indian chefs cook delicious genuine curry and naans, which attracts a lot of visitors.

Some of them come here just to eat their curry, not to take onsen!!!

 I really recommend their curry!

Look at the BIG naan! After you order it, they cook each naan. That's why it is very crispy outside, but elastic and soft inside!

I also recommend lassi (yogurt drink) with aronia, which is rich in anthocyanin---good for your eyes and health! Actually the owner has aronia fields near here.

 Onsen dinning has the other famous menu; soba noodles!

They have a special soba mill, which can avoid getting soba oxidized, and make delicious soba!

See! Looks delicious!

No, tastes delicious!!!! Try it and enjoy soba with distinctive aroma!

There are rest places in the same building so that you can enjoy onsen several times a day. I usually take onsen first, then eat small soba, take onsen again, eat curry, take a break in a rest place, and take onsen again!

If you want to take a free-shuttle bus to the downtown of Sapporo, the bus leaves this onsen at 3:00PM.

Enjoy Hoheikyo Onsen, 100% real onsen water near Sapporo downtown!

■Where is Hoheikyo Hot Spring?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

Hi KK ! Thank you to give us the pleasure to discover Hokkaido. It's a so beautiful island that I am ready to come back in a next time !!!
I suppose that the best season to visit it's spring.
Continue to write on this blog. You have to know that in France every day I'm looking for the news of KK !!

K.K. said...

I'm so glad to hear that you'll come back to Hokkaido soon! The spring time is one of the options, but the autumn time is the best season to see colorful leaves.
We have Snow Festival in Feb and winter is recommendable to come here :) Surprisingly the summer time is the most popular season for tourists! We can enjoy flowers such as lavenders in Hokkaido!
Follow this blog and I'll continue to send the latest Hokkaido!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! We were in Sapporo last summer and Loved it :) Thank you for writing!

バン said...

i really like your blog. i am reading every single article. very good!

K.K. said...

A happy new year!!!
I'm so happy you enjoy my blog! Please visit here again anytime you have free time!!

Nynyceria said...

Hi KK, could you tell me what time the earliest bus from Sapporo Station to the onsen?

Charis Low said...

Hi KK, wondered if you could help. We are a group of girls and guys who want to visit their outdoor onsen but wondered if the ladies and guys can only enjoy their outdoor onsen on 2 separate days as I heard there's only 1 outdoor onsen and rotates in sex daily.

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