Monday, September 03, 2012

Snowbrand Parlor (雪印パーラー) | Ice Cream/ Parfait Parlor | Sapporo

"Yukijirushi/ Snowbrand Parlor (雪印パーラー)" is one of the leading ice cream/ parfait parlors in Sapporo↓

"Yukijirushi/ Snowbrand Parlor (雪印パーラー)" reminds local people of big parfait such as "Dream Jumbo Parfait (ドリームジャンボパフェ)"(12,600 yen)↓ How huge it is!!!

How about "Ice Cream Tower (アイスクリームタワー)"(80,000 yen)?  I have long had a dream to eat it up some day!!! Hahaha!

When you come here, please order "Snow Royal Spacial (スノーロイヤルスペシャル)"↓
This parlor presented it to the Emperor! Wow! Its milk fat content is 16%!! How rich it is!!!

I also recommend their parfait! This is "Berry Mix (ベリーミックス)"↓ Its fresh milk tastes very milk and smooth! It is not too sweet and easy to eat it up!

They usually serve about 30 kinds of parfait, and I'm sure you can find your favorite! I ordered this seasonal special (季節限定パフェ)↓ The fresh strawberries and tasty ice cream are the best combination! The fresh milk is not too sweet and mild!!! Yummy x 2!! Perfect!!

■Where is "Snowbrand Parlor (雪印パーラー)"?

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